Being human in higher education

Exploring how contemplative pedagogy can connect us to our common humanity

24th August – 27th August 2020

Booking opening in March 2020

Past Events

Contemplative pedagogy in higher education: building confidence and community

9th -12th September 2019

Emerson College, East Sussex, UK

A four-day symposium for educators

Teaching and supporting students in higher education within the current environment of political and financial uncertainty, is difficult. Increasing workloads and expectations, and growing anxiety and poor mental health amongst staff and students, reflect the challenging nature of both working and studying in modern day universities. Contemplative pedagogy, with its active embrace of the subjectivities of learners and educators, combined with its call for slowing down, feeling and connecting goes against the prevailing trends in higher education today. Growing research points to the value of contemplative approaches in teaching and learning, to deepen understanding, build community and improve the wellbeing of students and those teaching and supporting them.

The theme of this contemplative pedagogy symposium is building confidence and community and it is relevant for anyone with an interest in contemplative ways of teaching and learning, no matter their level of experience or formal role. The event will include workshops run by participants who will demonstrate how they use contemplative practices in teaching, learning and the support students. There will be time to engage in contemplative practices together and actively build our community. Through the use of Open Space Technology, there will be deep exploration of your own questions and the gentle fostering of confidence and community.

At this point we envisage three key areas for exploration:

  • How do we slow and deepen learning both for ourselves and our students?
  • How do we build community both within our institutions and outside, so that difficult social challenges such as social justice and inequality can be explored meaningfully and tackled effectively?
  • How can contemplative pedagogy contribute to culture change so that we might create a more just and sustainable future in and through higher education?

We invite you to come with an inquisitive mind and a willingness to actively participate and explore your own experience. The event will create space for reflection and meaning making, allowing you to develop greater confidence in your role as an educator and the potential for change that this embodies. This will, again, be a truly unique event on your conference timetable.

Contemplative Pedagogy Symposium


This four-day event at Emerson College will bring together educators working in higher or further education, with an interest in contemplative pedagogy to explore question such as:

* What is contemplative pedagogy?

* How can contemplative practice be integrated in higher and further education both by educators and students?

* How is contemplative pedagogy related to radical and critical pedagogies?

* What role can contemplative pedagogy play in promoting not just wellbeing but social change and social justice?

* What questions does contemplative pedagogy raise about the meaning of the educational endeavour, particularly within universities?

Emerson College, East Sussex, Forest Row, RH18 5JX

2pm 27 August 2018 – 2pm 30 August 2018

Fees and Payment including tuition, all meals and single room accommodation


After January 31st 2018

Employer funded: £580

Self-funded: £480


Click here for full details and to book your place



Contemplative Pedagogy: a counterforce in higher education?

Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th April 2017 at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

You are warmly invited to participate in an Open Space Technology (OST) event around the theme of: Contemplative Pedagogy: a counterforce in higher education?

Who should attend? Anyone interested in contemplative pedagogy in higher education.

What is the format? This is a real time, real place, live, face-to-face event. We’ll use ‘Open Space Technology’ (=’open space’ as technology)  to connect, relate to each other and explore this broad topic.

There is no agenda.

There is no preparation required.

There are no key note speakers or invited papers.

Just come and join in and be prepared to relate, engage, contribute and learn.


Both days – Waged : £125 or Student/unwaged: £65

One day – Waged : £75 Student/unwaged: £40

Refreshments and lunch included

You can register here to attend

Please register no later than 31 March 2017


Doing less, learning more: the potential of contemplative pedagogy in health professional education

Seminar faciliated by Caroline Barratt

Wednesday 25th May 2016 3 -4.30pm

Room 2S2.5.20 University of Essex, Colchester Campus

Email: for details

Growing Contemplative Practices in Higher Education?







Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, EH21 6UU, Scotland

Friday 22nd April 2016, 9am-4.30pm

The event will use Open Space Technology to explore if and how contemplative practices, mindfulness and meditation should and could be grown within the Higher Education context.

There is no agenda. There is no preparation required. There are no key note speakers or invited papers. Just come and join in and be prepared to relate, engage, contribute and learn.

Financial exchange: £50 (employed) or £25 (unemployed/student)                                       Places: 60



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