If you wish to connect with the network directly and ask questions or get involved in our conversations and explorations please join us by registering for the Contemplative Pedagogy Network Slack Community and by joining our JISC mailing list. You may also wish to contribute through offering a webinar and/or a blog post or by joining our Steering group!

Slack Community

Please join our Slack Community

Please see our Community Guidelines below.

Mailing list

The network has a JISC mail list that anyone can ask to be added to by emailing Dr Chiara Cirillo ( We ask that people take responsibility for what they email to the group. It should only be used for discussion related to contemplative pedagogy and any disagreements, which we encourage you to explore, are to be discussed in a constructive, kind way. You can also chose to receive emails when this blog is edited by clicking on the ‘follow by email’ button below. 

Webinars & Blog

We have an informal and ongoing series of webinars as well as a blog, which is edited by Michael Wride. All blogs represent the views of the author only and may not represent the views of other network members. You are encouraged to comment on blogs, but again this should be done in a kind, constructive way.

If you would like to facilitate a webinar or write a blog (600-1000 words max) please contact Mike directly ( or fill in our CPN Proposal Request Form.

We have established a steering group to take forward the work of the network. This is not a fixed group, but rather a loose network of like-minded people who meet regularly to plan various activities of the network. If you are interested in contributing to the steering group and/or if you have an idea which you feel may be of interest to the wider community, please let us know by contacting Michael Wride (

Steering Group

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