The quest for meaning and transformation in higher education


I am pleased to share my recent keynote presentation at the Mindfulness in Education Symposium at the University of Vienna in February which was kindly hosted by Dr Karlheinz Valtl. You may be interested in taking a look.

It is my attempt to pull together and develop thoughts about the importance of contemplative pedagogy in higher education and how it may help us and our students engage in meaningful and transformative learning.

Contemplative pedagogy, meaning and transformation in higher education

Since doing this talk I have realised that I am particularly interested in how contemplative pedagogy can support the development of new perspectives, in both educators and students, that question the status quo and help us see beyond accepted social norms.

If you are interested in the questions raised in the presentation do think about coming to our four day symposium this summer: Coming to our senses: embedding contemplative pedagogy in higher education’

I have included my notes for completeness and I am happy to discuss them, but please do not cite them.

Best wishes








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