Launch of Contemplative Pedagogy Network Workshops

I am very excited to announce the launch of Contemplative Pedagogy Network (CPN) Workshops. The workshops are being organised by a generous team from the network – Mike Wride, Anne Vicary, Juliet Trail and Andrew Morgans. They will take place roughly four times a year. Each workshop will feature a tried and tested classroom activity that the facilitator has utilised within their teaching in higher education. They will be practical sessions providing participants with inspiration about how contemplative pedagogy can be integrated into teaching and learning. This is something that you have been asking for for sometime but I have never had the capacity to do. Thanks to this amazing team these regular learning and connecting events are now coming to fruition!

Places will be free of charge and numbers will be limited. As such we will be advertising on the blog and network email list first of all, to give priority to network members, before advertising the events more widely. Please come along and support these seminars and invite others who may be interested.

The events will not be recorded as this creates a more relaxed environment for everyone attending, however each facilitator will write a blog and provide links to key resources after the event so that no one will miss out.

To participate please register by clicking on the flyer below and you will be sent all the necessary details to join via Zoom. The flyer is also available for download if you wish to share it with anyone.

I am hugely excited by this development in our network activities. Thanks to Mike, Juliet, Anne and Andrew for moving this forward.

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