Exciting addition to our contemplative pedagogy weekend


We are making progress in our organisation of the up coming contemplative pedagogy weekend on 12th-14th June 2015. Yesterday we received confirmation from Louise Coigley who will be running a really exciting workshop on using storytelling to transform the way we teach:

”How telling a story can be”
the art and science of creating a still point through storytelling

An introductory workshop to simple but profound techniques to complement your abilities of using your voice and gesture to make pictures speak. When speaking is enhanced, pictures are clearer, listening is deeper, and education, in its original meaning of drawing out begins…

Here is some information about her work:
Louise Coigley is a Speech and Language Therapist and Storyteller who works internationally running trainings in the specialist storytelling techniques she has developed over 25 years. Her method, Lis’n Tell: live inclusive storytelling, is used widely in the NHS and Education to support children and young adults with complex communication needs. Her trainings evoke powerful personal and professional change for adults from many disciplines.She teaches regularly at Greenwich Medway University and The International School of Storytelling. Louise is in frequent demand as a voice coach for clowns, teachers and storytellers. Her storytelling shows have been successful at The Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals. She is interested in how storytelling helps us to live with paradox. http://www.lisntell.com

It is shaping up to be a great weekend. Email bookings@emerson.org.uk or click here for more details

We are also keen to get the message of this weekend out to as wider audience as possible so please fell free to circulate our web link or flyers to anyone you believe might be interested.

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