Introducing other workshop leaders

Dear All

I thought it might be nice to also introduce to you some of the others who will be running workshops at the upcoming contemplative pedagogy weekend. So I thought I’d start with George Perry who has been working hard with me to get the event organised and off the ground. I first met George when I sent an email to all UK members of the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education and he responded and came to our initial meeting in London just under a year ago.  He will be running a workshop on Goethean Observation on Sunday morning.

‘George Perry is Head of Educational Development and a lecturer at Emerson College. The college was founded in 1962 to provide an international learning community setting and a holistic education for young people looking to connect themselves with their purpose in life. George began his career as a teacher in inner city primary and comprehensive schools. For the last 25 years he has worked as a coach and organisational development consultant in both public and private sectors: from team-building to process improvement, from change management to conflict resolution. He is also a practising mediator working with businesses and families. He has many years experience in facilitating biography and transition workshops. George has organised seminars for Arthur Zajonc (a leading academic in the field of contemplative pedagogy) and increasingly seeks to bring contemplative inquiry into his practice. He lives in Stroud in the west country.’

In putting together the programme for the weekend George thought it would be beneficial nad interesting to invite his friend and colleague Tom Ravetz. Tom will be running a workshop reflecting on his experience of using meditation in adult further education on Saturday morning.

‘Tom Ravetz was born in Leeds in 1964. He met the work of Rudolf Steiner in Botton Village and was ordained as a priest in The Christian Community, the church inspired by Steiner, in 1991. He has worked as a community priest in Aberdeen, Stourbridge and Ireland. In 2011 he took on the role of regional coordinator for The Christian Community in Great Britain and Ireland. He writes and teaches on theological and spiritual topics. A particular interest is the cultivation of self leadership through contemplative practice. He has taught meditation to a variety of groups including theology students, young people and people with learning difficulties.’

It promises to be a great weekend, informative, spacious and fun! Do join us if you can. Visit our events page for more details.

Best wishes to you all Caroline

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